Urboni HTV Placement Guide


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Ultimate All-in-one universal design tool for HTV

This all-in-one ruler is perfect for all sizes and various types of shirts (T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies). 

Double Sided reversible contrast allows the measurements to be read easily on both light and dark coloured fabrics. 

The smart guide allows for was when precisely marking the position of your itv on your garment.

This placement guide is highly durable made from Casting grade acrylic. It's rounded corners and polished edges mean no catching on fabric and is coated in the finest quality UV colour coating. 


How To Use:

Simply align the ruler guide to the centre of the t-shirt collar and check the "Quick Chart for Graphic Size & Placement" as your reference for the placement position on the t-shirt before pressing heat transfer vinyl. 


Cleaning and Care:

Always use a very soft microfibre cloth and clean by wiping in a soft, circular motion. 

Do not scratch acrylic surface or UV Colour coating mark with hard or sharp materials. 

Do Not apply alcohol, polishing gents or window cleaners such as windex on acrylic surface. 

Do not store in direct sunlight or near other heat sources as excessive hat tends to soften and deform the ruler.