Colour Palette

POLI-FLEX® Dimensions HTV

$3.50 AUD

POLI-TAPE Dimensions HTV offers a unique, multi-dimensional effect that brings your designs to life with texture and depth. This high-quality heat transfer vinyl is ideal for adding a standout, tactile element to cotton, polyester, and their blends. Perfect for T-shirts, bags, and other textile items, Dimensions HTV ensures your creations make a lasting impression. Elevate your designs with the dynamic and eye-catching appeal of POLI-TAPE Dimensions HTV.

Heat Press Settings

Heat Press Settings

  • Cover with Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Multipurpose Paper
  • Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
  • Apply design at
    160c for 15 seconds
  • Use medium pressure
  • Peel carrier cold

Other Info

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