Universal Teflon Sheet - 33cm x 40cm 2 pack


Multi colour designs - No problem? 

Need to repress with more pressure but already peeled off the carrier sheet - no problem? 

The Universal Teflon sheet is a handy tool to have in your Craft room. Its non stick nature provides the perfect protection layer between your HTV designs and your Heat Press platten. 

Once your carrier sheet has been removed. Place your next layer and apply the teflon sheet to cover the remaining of your design. 

The Universal Teflon sheet comes in a large 33cm x 40cm size to suit large surfaces and includes 2 in each pack. 

Only work with smaller designs? You can cut the sheet down to a size that suits you. 

The universal teflon sheet is a Reusable, environmentally friendlier option to disposable baking paper.