Siser Twinkle Heat Transfer Vinyl


The Shining, Silicone Star of the Show! 

Wishing for a heat transfer vinyl like no other? Well you can thank you lucky stars because your wish was granted with Siser's Twinkle HTV! Twinkle's silicone-like surface holds brilliant colours that appear to practically shine their own light when the glitter winks and wavers. The intense sparkle gives twinkle a slight, but significant reflective quality. Every colour of Twinkle is topped with a mesmerising glossy glaze that feels fantastic. Whether it's the lone focus or an incredible accent,Twinkle is your new show stopping heat transfer vinyl. 

Twinkle is 225microns/ 9 Mils and is a PU composition

Apply to:
100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Poly/Cotton Blend

Pressing Instructions
Preheat Garment: 2-3 Seconds
Temp: 150c
Time: 15 seconds
Warm Peel