Siser Juliet Standard Blade Holder


Introducing the Siser Cutter Blade Holder. This must-have tool is ideal for anyone looking to cut through vinyl and other materials with ease and precision. Designed to be compatible with both the 45° and 60° blades this holder offers you the flexibility to achieve precise cuts and clean lines on various materials.

Simply twist to adjust the amount of blade exposed and customise your cutting setting to the optimal standard needed for your specific task or project. The magnetic connect inside the holder ensures a secure fit and prevents any slippage or misalignment during cutting. Say goodbye to time-consuming blade changes and hello to seamless transitions and uninterrupted workflow.

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with the Siser Cutter Blade Holder. This user-friendly design allows for hassle-free use and maintenance and upkeep of your cutting machine. Upgrade your cutting experience with this versatile blade holder. To explore the entire Siser range available and all other cutting tools and materials head to Spotlight online and in store today!