R.TAPE Clear Choice AT65 Transfer Tape


RTape AT65 Medium Tack Transfer Tape is recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of application tape. RTape is the most recommended transfer tape for a wide range of vinyl applications and it's lower price points makes it ideal for our crafters! 

RTape does not have a paper backing so you can save on mess! 

RTape AT65 Medium Tack Transfer Tape is available at Vinyl World in 4 sizes so you can pick the transfer tape most suitable to your application. Here are some of our 

10cm x 45metres - Perfect for pantry labels, names, and other small decals. 

15cm x 45metres - Medium size tape for those larger labels and decals

20cm x 45metres - Perfect 
size for decorating medium to large items or transfers

30cm x 45metres - Large coverage for full sheet designs and decals. 

R.Tape is a Medium Tack Transfer tape suitable for Smooth Finish adhesive vinyl decals. May not work effectively with textured or rough glitter adhesive vinyls