Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream


Size: 1 Bottle - 100ml

Introducing Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream - the perfect companion for transforming plain glass surfaces into stunning works of art. This high-quality glass etching cream offers a range of features designed to enhance your crafting experience:

  1. Superior Etching Power: Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream utilises a powerful formula that enables the creation of crisp and long-lasting etched designs on glass surfaces.

  2. Versatile Application: This glass etching cream adheres effortlessly to various glass objects, including vases, tumblers, wine glasses, and decorative pieces, allowing you to add a personal touch to any occasion.

  3. User-Friendly: Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream is designed to be easy to use, making it suitable for both seasoned artists and beginners. Simply apply a thin, even layer of the cream onto the desired surface, wait for the specified time, and rinse it off to reveal your beautifully etched design.

  4. Durable Results: The premium-quality materials used in Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream ensure the durability and longevity of your etched designs, allowing them to withstand regular use and cleaning.

Safety Considerations: As with any chemical-based product, it is crucial to prioritise safety when using Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream. Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines provided on the product packaging to ensure safe handling and usage. WARNING - Do not get on skin or eyes. Do not inhale. Do not swallow. This product contains acid.

Poppy Crafts Glass Etching Cream is a reliable and effective solution for adding elegance and personalisation to glass surfaces. Explore your creativity, personalise gifts, or enhance your home decor with confidence using this exceptional product.

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