Siser® EasyPSV® by Avery Dennison®

Introducing 2 NEW products to our Siser®️ EasyPSV®️ range! In collaboration with Avery
Dennison we bring to you Siser®️ EasyPSV® Starling™ by Avery Dennison AND Siser®️
EasyPSV® Glitter by Avery Dennison. These products will bring your craft game to the
next level and provide durability and longevity where it’s most needed!

Siser EasyPSV® Starling™ by Avery Dennison

Siser EasyPSV® Glitter by Avery Dennison

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Siser ® EasyPSV ® Starling ™ by Avery Dennison ®

  • Dishwasher safe up to 80 washes.
  • 57 Colours (51 Matte & 6 Gloss)
  • Outstanding durability and colour fastness.
  • Excellent UV, temperature and salt water performance.
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76 Microns thin

Available in 12inch (30.5cm) x 1 metre rolls

Siser® EasyPSV® Glitter™ by Avery Dennison®

  • Industry leading weeding
  • 17 Colours - High-gloss finish
  • Superior conformability for complex, curved surfaces
  • Excellent UV, temperature, and salt water performance
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76 Microns thick

Available in 2 sizes
- 12inch x 7.5inch Sheets
- 12inch x 1 metre rolls