Holographic Permanent Adhesive

Holographic Cold Laminate Sheets


Experience the magic of holographic with Vinyl World's Clear Holographic Laminate Sheets. Designed to work seamlessly with your printable adhesive vinyl, these A4-sized sheets will take your print and cut stickers and vinyl crafts to the next level. Choose from four captivating holographic designs that bring your creations to life with an otherworldly charm.

Application is a breeze - simply lay these sheets over your designs, and watch as they transform into shimmering, holographic wonders. Achieve a professional look effortlessly.

Beyond their stunning visual appeal, these sheets offer essential protection. They safeguard your designs against wear and tear, ensuring that your stickers remain vibrant and long-lasting. Create memorable gifts that leave a lasting impression, and delight your friends, family, or customers with items adorned in captivating holographic laminates.

Unleash your creativity as these sheets become a canvas for your imagination. Personalize items with unique holographic effects that capture attention and make your creations stand out. At Vinyl World, we are committed to delivering premium quality products that meet your high standards. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your satisfaction is our top priority. Elevate your creations today by exploring the endless possibilities with Vinyl World's Clear Holographic Laminate Sheets.

Holographic Cold Laminate Film
Size: A4
Available in 4 holographic designs