NEW Siser 3D Techno - Puff HTV


The all NEW 3D Techno (Puff) HTV is here!
Siser has redesigned their 3D Techno and is now even easier to add that unique texture to your designs.

What is the amazing material that expands when heat-pressed onto garments, revealing a puffy texture?

Siser 3D Techno is the easy way to add dimension to your graphic design. Create a visually exciting and fun to wear 3D effect!

Available in 6 colours and in 2 sizes 12inch x 7.5inch and 12inch x 1 metre.


- Cut carrier side face down
- Mirror Design
- Weed 

PRESS 3 SECONDS 140C - Light - Med Pressure

- Peel carrier WARM

PRESS 20 SECONDS 140c - Light - Med Pressure